Stadium Series Mystery Box

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Introducing the Stadium Series Mystery Box - the ultimate treasure trove for Efdot art lovers, baseball fans¬†and card collectors alike. ūüí•‚öĺÔłŹ

This limited edition box is perfect for those who love the history of the game of baseball, or those wanting something a little different from the typical player cards. As seen in Print Magazine, the Efdot x Topps Iconic Stadium Series is a highly unique and timeless set!

Experience the thrill of opening a box packed with an exciting assortment of colorful  autographed cards in small hand-numbered editions. Each box is expertly curated to ensure a unique and exciting unboxing experience. Discover rare and valuable cards that will take your collection to the next level.

What's inside the box?

  • Various limited edition, artist signed and numbered cards from the Topps x Efdot Iconic Stadium Series.
  • All 10-card boxes are guaranteed a 1/1 item or a holographic foil card.
  • All 5-card boxes have a¬†50% chance of scoring a 1/1 item¬†or a holographic foil cards

Which cards?

    • NEW Stadium cards from Series 2:¬†Camden Yards, Ebbets Field, Tiger Stadium, Sportsman's Park, Forbes Field (signed editions of /10 or /1)
    • 1:3 chance¬†for an extra signed print from Efdot's baseball archive or an A/P silver frame card.
    • 10-card boxes will¬†have a high chance to get¬†rare signed Yankee Stadium, Shea Stadium, Wrigley Field, Fenway Park or Dodger Stadium¬†cards. (editions of /25, /10 or /1) + additional player cards!


  • Every box has a 1:10 chance for an Efdot Optimist Cap!
  • Look out for special inserts. Every box gets 1 redemption card for a¬†(#/30) Efdot NFT edition, to be redeemed in late April. ‚ú®
  • Learn more about Efdot's work with Topps and see the whole archive¬†here.