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Red Blob Bat Prototype

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This Blob Bat prototype features Efdot's signature Blob pattern in silver wrapping around the red barrel of this wooden bat. This version was made as experiment with our bat manufacture and could possibly be reproduced in the future, but as of right now is the only one that exists. 

Efdot logo and Ef. monogram are included on the surface above the grip of the bat.

Look out for special inserts: Artist-signed 1/1 sketch created during the process of designing "Say Hey Blob" will be mixed into one random order made between 4/8/21 and 4/11/21.

Bat Details:

  • Size: 33' in length with a large barrel with a medium handle
  • Material: D-318 Maple
  • In collaboration with Dinger Bats
Fulfilled by Efdot Studio in Brooklyn, NY. Orders will be shipped within approx. 2 weeks.