Love To Watch You Grow - HAND EMBELLISHED

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Collaboration screen print by Efdot and Jessie Mordine Young. Originally painted as a street art mural at 96 Knickerbocker Ave in Bushwick, Brooklyn.
Edition of 10, signed & numbered screen prints, hand embellished with graphite linework by both artists. No two embellished prints are alike – your print will look slightly different than the image shown.
4 color print (cerulean blue, sky blue, light teal & translucent pink) on Coventry Rag 250 gsm paper. The bold overlapping colors and shapes produce unique imperfections on each print.

Size: 18”x24” - Shipped flat.
Hand printed in Brooklyn, NY by Kayrock Screenprinting.

20% of profits will be donated to Shanti Life.

Shanti Life empowers women in India by providing access to financial literacy, low interest loans and bank accounts that are opened for them directly. Funds are used to build sanitation which is important for the safety and health of the women, and to build sustainable businesses for providing for their families.

Upon repayment of the loans, all funds are recycled to the next woman, and so on. You can help us pay it forward by purchasing a “Love to Watch You Grow” print - 20% of your purchase will be donated to Shanti Life.

Your support will help 48 families access safe sanitation or set up a small business within the year. Thank you for your kind support.