"REFLECT" 1/1 Skateboards + NFT

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A series of Physical Skateboard + Digital Artwork

Available through LTD INC.
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The Reflect Series by Efdot consists of three 1 of 1 ultra premium physcial/digital skateboards and is exemplary of what can be achieved in web3 when physical meets digital and craftsmanship meets technology.

These custom made US Maple decks, are infused with tamper proof NFC chips each with a separate 1/1 digital artwork, bound to the Ethereum blockchain for verifiable proof of ownership and provenance.

More About the Artwork:

While making this piece, I was thinking about the days packed full of repetition and reward – the solo sessions and quiet night rides navigating the labyrinth of steel and glass, until 2am. I’ll probably keep chasing that feeling forever, but for now I’ll just reflect.

"Reflect", the digital drawing counterpart, was meticulously hand-drawn and animated in Procreate, with layers building upon each other to create depth and movement. A time lapse of the creation of the artwork is stored on the deck deck exclusively for the collectors' eyes only.

View the original 1/1 artwork, "Kick It" that led on to the "Reflect" Series.